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TriScan Online LS Flyer

    TriScan Online - Sheet of Light Prof le measurement,

    quality check, extruder control




    System for 450mm product width (optional more)

    Granite frame > less sensitive to vibrations and

    variations in temperature than steel

    Online operator screen, showing tread prof le checking



    Trend display showing long time records of measured values like

    total width, cross section, incl. tolerances and warning limits


    ° Multiple -all in one- sensors,

    easy exchange and adjustment

    ° Compact customized system ° Material width up to 900 mm

    ° Material thickness up to 50 mm

    ° Stone O-frame (temperature, vibration stability) ° Statistical process control

    ° Remote control by Prof Bus/Prof Net/


    ° PLC Data transfer

    ° incl. industrial PC and working station


    Statistical display showing cp, cpk calculation, histogram, standard deviation, mean value


    ° Control of thickness, shoulder-width,

    total width, cross-section area

    ° Automatic dimensioning of product

    ° Conicity, cp/cpk, pp/ppk, porosity calculation ° Trend display

    ° Prof le error recognition (detection of Die-Cuts) ° and much more


    System for 600mm product width at inclined conveyor Operator station with industrial PC Rack, Keyboard, Mouse, LED-TFT