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    2D-measurement of tires & rims

    3D-measurement of tread & sidewall

    Wear analysis

    Lifetime estimation

    Heel & Toe analysis

    Run-out measurement

    Frequency analysis

    Crown radius calculation

    Bulge & dent inspection

    Deformation inspection

    Important Features

    Measurement Technology Scanning laser triangulation

    Laser type CCD, Class II,

    red laser beam, 670nm

    Laser data transmission digital

    Laser range 70mm

    Laser stand-off 190mm

    Laser resolution 1µm

    Measurements per revolution 8192 Width point-to-point distance 0,1mm

    Tire type PCR, LTR, TBR & rims

    Size of rims 13"-23" (optional larger)

    Tire diameter ≤1300mm (optional larger)

    Tire width ≤550mm (optional larger)

    Tire weight (incl. rim) ≤70kg (optional ≤400kg)

    Calibration plat